Day 19

  • Heather Hauser

    Chris, I’ve been following your videos and you are such an inspiration. I know I haven’t seen you at work much lately, but I just wanted you to know that I have prayed for you daily. It breaks my heart to see such a wonderful person go through this situation, but God is with you!!! I’m so excited to see also today that you and John are going to get married. I wish you lots of love and happiness!!!!!

  • Phyllis Williamson Norwood

    Chris my son knows you and I am enjoying your video so much. I also have cancer and am doing chemo. I am also at Duke cancer. I am here if you need me to ever talk. i am praying for you all the time. You can find me at or on FB as Phyllis Williamson Norwood. Do you realize what an inspiration you are to so many people. Can you get in a clinical trial?