Day 39

Last Day in the Office

Monday was a very difficult, yet rewarding day. It was my last day at work for Wake County Government. My original career goal was to retire with 30 years in; I didn’t quite make it to half. Life doesn’t always work out like you have it planned. I had so many more projects I feel I was supposed to accomplish at Wake County. My career felt far from over. That can change so quickly, especially when you get a cancer diagnosis like I did at the end of February. Monday was bittersweet as I was recognized with several awards for projects I had completed this past year at the Board of Commissioners’ meeting. One award was an achievement award for outstanding communication professional among my peers in the state from NCAGIO

csmith_award2015After my surgery and cancer diagnosis, my original goal was to try to work part-time and then work my way back up into full workdays at Wake County, however, my body just couldn’t keep up as the cancer continues to progress. I told Paula James Richardson, my supervisor that I had to take a step back from work to focus on my health. She said it was just taking a side step and that one day I will be back conquering my career goals again. Time, hope and prayers will tell.

I want to thank everyone at Wake County Government for a wonderful career. Wake County employees have been my family, friends and most recently my strength. I especially want to thank one of my closest friends at Wake County that has always backed me up, Steve Walston. Steve and I have worked side-by-side since the beginning; I will miss you my friend! Over the past 14 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many talented and amazing people at Wake County. Paula and Bill Greeves were more than supervisors; they were super heroes when I needed them, being flexible and providing me with support when I needed it. To everyone in Information Services, Communications Office, the SharePoint team, all the web and social media publishers and each person I came in contact with at Wake County…thank you for making my job so rewarding! There are no words and not enough ways to thank everyone who made working at Wake County so wonderful. Thank you!