Help With My Treatment Costs by Purchasing 22 Web Domains

I am blessed with many resources to help me fight my cancer. I am trying to get rid of some items I no longer need that could help fund my treatment costs. I have some web addresses that I own for web projects that never materialized.

I would like to sell these 22 web domains (web addresses / URLs) in one bulk sale. Here are the 22 web domains that I would like to sell as a group for $10,000.  Out of the money raised, $5,000 would go for a DNA test that insurance will not cover.

These are popular web addresses that could be used for a variety of websites for businesses, nonprofits, directory sites or more. These domains contain common, memorable, short words…..which makes the domains very valuable.

I’m looking for a person who would be willing to buy these for $10,000. You will get these 22 web addresses transferred to you immediately. We can use an escrow service or PayPal to complete the sale and transfer them to you.

If you are only interested in one or a few of them, please contact me at

Thank you for you consideration!

Chris Smith